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So you wanna know somethin' about me...


I started writing when I was really small--I don't even know how old I was. I just started scribbling stuff down, and sometimes I'd tell myself stories to keep myself company, what with me being a little kid out in the country with no kids to play with. I won a writing contest sponsored by a local TV station when I was nine and things just went on from there!

I've been writing short stories off and on since, but college started to suck up a lot of my writing time. Then I discovered fanfic. It put a whole new spin on my love for writing. Ideas are constantly rattling around in my head :-)

I can honestly say I'm an old-school X-Phile: I've been a fan since the very beginning. I remember sitting in my living room with my mom and seeing a commercial for the premiere of some new show called "The X-Files" and, being the family of sci-fi nuts that we are, thinking "Ooo, that's looks really cool." We tuned in for The Pilot and have been hooked ever since.


For I don't know how long, my favorite episode was always "One Breath." The scene where Mulder breaks down in his apartment just broke my heart. But over the years I've added I few to my collection of favorites, namely the wonderfully quirky "Small Potatoes" ("F..B..I" still cracks me up--and who can forget that near kiss?!), "Redux II" (Mulder crying at Scully's bedside surpasses the scene in "One Breath") and, of course, "Triangle" (three little words: "I love you"--plus, Scully kicks ass!). There are several others that rank up there, but I was once asked about if I was stranded on a desert island, which three eps would I want with me. These would be it :-)

You might think I've been a 'shipper all along, but it's only been recently that I've "come out" and admitted it to myself; after that tumultuous hallway scene in "Fight the Future," I came to grips with my feelings ; ) But honestly, I never, ever want to see them "have a naked pretzle" as Mulder would say--I can satisfy any cravings for that with good ol' fanfic smut ;-) I just wanna see them kiss, damnit!! I don't think that's too much to ask of CC, although he loves to tease us--why *else* would he allow D.D. to write that end scene of "The Unnatural"? He's an evil, evil man ;-p


I'm an English major with a lit emphasis at a small liberal arts school called William Jewell College just outside of Kansas City, MO. I love the big city, but I sometimes miss my small-town roots where I grew up. My career goal is to one day become a film critic--and yes, I did cry when Siskel died! My junior year of high school I won at the national journalism convention in Chicago for film review writing, so I figured I had a knack for it. I also happen to work at Blockbuster :) My favorite movies, which are a varied bunch, include "Amadeus," "L.A. Confidential," "Out of Sight," "The Quick and The Dead," "Far and Away," "The English Patient," "Field of Dreams" and "Roxanne."

I have a very small family. I have one brother, who is 14 years older than me and knows more about movies than I ever will, a mother who is a school teacher, and a father who still lives in my hometown and farms. I hardly have any cousins, only one aunt and two uncles, and am the youngest in the family. All the pressure is on me--if I don't produce offspring, my family line dies out--and you thought *you* had problems... ;-p


Lately I've been developing an strong admiration for Jimmy Stewart. I love him in Hitchcock classics like "Rope," but my real favorites are "The Shop Around the Corner" and "The Philadelphia Story." "It's A Wonderful Life" doesn't count--doesn't *everybody* love him in that?!

My taste in music is very odd. I listen to just about everything because I have friends who listen to everything! Discs in my CD player right now: Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, The Offspring. Also in reach: Sarah MacLachlan, Matchbox 20, 'NSync, Everclear, Creed, Enya, Goo-Goo Dolls, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Dave Matthews, U2, Usher.

On TV, I watch (besides the obvious) "Buffy TVS," "Dawson's Creek," "Friends," "ER," "Farscape" (on the SciFi Channel), "The Pretender," and "Early Edition." And sometimes my mom makes me watch "Ally McBeal" ;-)

I'm a huge cat lover--my family raised me on cats. But I have nothing against dogs!

I love baseball. Living in KC, I'm a Royals fan, but my dad is the biggest Mark McGwire nut you'll ever meet. My favorite team is still the Braves, although they're down in the mouth this year :(

And wonder of wonders, I'm a musician--I sing and I play the french horn : )

My only other obsession besides "X/F" are The Academy Awards. All my close friends know that starting in February, when the nominations come out, I'm a psycho. I analyze and analyze :) I've been following the Awards for almost ten years now, although I've only started charting them from start to finish for the past three years. And no, I do *not* believe Leo DiCaprio was robbed of an Oscar--"Titanic" was great movie, but COME ON!


My ultimate guy has unfortunetly been snatched up by Miss Tea "Deep Impact" Leoni (boo, hiss). Oh well, a girl can still dream...The other two men worthy of my drool are Ralph Fiennes and Russell Crowe. Highly talented, highly sexy guys :)

If you're still reading by now, I'm incredibly flattered! Now it's your turn to share (did I mention I love getting e-mail?....).

Please enjoy my little home :o)

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