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The Boy
by Char Chaffin
Rating: R
Call me a shmuck, a sap, whatever--I'm a sucker for pre-X/F fics. And yeah, yeah, I know I said I don't read married fics, but this is only technically a married/babyfic. A woman from Mulder's past reminices about a trist between them when he was only fifteen. Think "The Graduate," only much more tender and sweeter. A must for mush lovers ;p

The Things We Never Say
by Exley_61
Rating: NC-17
Exley_61 writes the most beautiful, lyrical love scenes (she hates for me to call it smut!) I've ever read. Heated and passionate, yet bursting with love :) If you loved "Beyond the Invisible," you ain't seen nothin' yet ;) Scully comes down with a bad case of the flu and her man is there to care for her. But her illness also brings out deeply buried and hidden feelings (doesn't it always? :D). I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you don't read this, you're on crack :p

This Much Is Certain
by Livia Balaban, Sarah Ellen Parsons, & E. Ripley
Rating: R
The absolute funniest thing I've ever read in my life. Every X/F fanfic cliche you could think of is bared for all--only with a bite :) Completely and totally hysterical.